In a world where technology increasingly defines our possibilities, ATTAP, All Things to All People, stands for a future where every individual has the freedom to shape and control their destiny.

We envision a world where AI is built to serve, not to govern. A world where each person can have their own unique 'Foundational Model' run locally, and entirely under their control, ensuring that the benefits of AI are as diverse as humanity itself. Our aim is to democratize AI by providing Completely User Controlled AI Foundation Models, making sophisticated AI capabilities totally agnostic: accessible with or without a browser, on any device, for every user, without exposing the individual's personal information and data to the control and manipulation by any technology platforms, organizations or third parties outside of the user's control.

The ATTAP Vision is the embodiment of the aspirational goals of the original World Wide Web; diversity, inclusion, equity, and transparency in technology. We strive to return agency to people. Our technology is a statement against the corporate capture and manipulation of our individual freedoms and a commitment to ensuring that every person has the right to control all aspects of their personal identity and data and to own and operate any and all distributions and transactions of their personal information.

We are building the world's first Personal Fulfillment Engine, driven by a commitment to put the wants, needs and desires of the individual first.

Our goal is to expand the realm of what is possible, employing a blend of human creativity and AI to meet the ever-growing demands of our world. By offering ATTAP to everyone, we embrace the philosophy that every new technology, no matter how initially exclusive, should rapidly proliferate until it reaches everyone on the planet.

Our approach is simple yet revolutionary: Develop open-source software and personal devices and that allow individuals complete control over their digital interactions. Thanks to the fast-expanding developments in AI, Machine Learning, and Multi Modal Language Models, We can imagine, and build, a world where all personal transactions are conducted on the individuals' terms, free from the oversight of tech giants.

ATTAP is a movement towards a decentralized future where AI serves as a tool for individual empowerment, creativity, and equity. We invite you to join us on this journey, to support our ambition and aspirations, and to be part of creating a world where technology truly enables All Things to All People.